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Prior customers that are interested in a kitten, please email me at because I've lost some emails from interested prior customers and I just had 3 litters born the last couple of days.

Thank you

If you wish to contact me, call 623-516-1231 AND please leave a message if no answer (speaking clearly and at a medium page) OR e-mail me (put in subject line kitten or Kitilicious) at or

I started my small cattery in 2006 as something to build up for my retirement business.  I picked the Scottish Fold because I could leave them alone while I was at work.  I love their prairie dog and buddha stances and their sweet personalities and those gorgeous big round eyes.

Through the following breeders I have built my cattery:  Olga Parmelee (Cheshirsmile); Vicky & Pete Porter (Desert Sky Scottish Folds), Howard Webster (Clowntown Cattery) and Anastasia (Ultra - Moscow, Russia) and I wish to thank them for all of their assistance and for letting me have such gorgeous breeders. Not too long ago I got my first triple fold from Mark Knoblauch.  Thank you Mark for such a beautiful male.

I have also started breeding a few American use in my Fold breeding program and now to produce American Shorthairs for customers.

I'm striving to produce healthy and gorgeous cats at a reasonable price for most American's to be able to purchase and add joy to their lives.  I've been very lucky to have found great  homes for my Folds.

Due to the change in Federal regulations, I will not ship a cat unless it is a breeder or show cat.  I am currently working with another Fold breeder who said he might be able to courier kittens for me and I'm currently in process of purchasing a triple fold breeder from him -- my first trip -- I have a 2 1/2 fold but the judges want trips.

Please check my  photo gallery to see my beautiful kittens.

Scottish Folds:

Date of origin ~ 1961 in Scotland.  Came from a farm cat named Suzie. The most distinguishing characteristic of a Fold is it's small ears which fold forward and downward, giving them an impish look. They are sweet-tempered and attentive, devoted and not demanding.  The Fold can be out-crossed with both American and British Shorhair cats or bred with a straight-eared Fold.

They are medium sized cats. They have large round broadly spaced eyes, well-rounded whisker pads and a short nose with a gentle curvie in profile. They come in both long and short-haired varieties.

The kittens are not born with folded ears. The ears that carry the gene usually start folding around the 21st day. Scottish Fold kittens need to be kept under 80 degrees Fahrenheit for their first summer if you want them to keep their ears down nice and tight. Their ears can loosen from stress, heat, coming into season or giving birth. Sometimes their folds come back and other times they don't.

British Shorthairs:

Date of origin ~ 1880's in Great Britain.  They came from Chinchilla Shorthairs. They're compact and well muscled. Their thick undercoats keeps them warn on cold days. Their fur is beautiful, the fur glistens when light hits it just right.

Although Brits have a gentle disposition, they do no like being handled too much.  Sunny was content to sit at my feet when I was on the computer and loved it when I would pet him with my feet.  He was an enjoyable cat.

American Shorthairs:

Date of Origin ~ 1904 in the United States from the American and British Shorthairs. This easy going cat is more common in the United States and Canada then anywhere else. They were called the Domestic Shorthair until 1965.

Their thick, hard coats are dense enough to protect them from moisture, cold, and superficial injuries. They have a full cheeked face and a muscular body. Although they still share similarities with household cats, their breeders' goal is to try and produce the best of these qualities.

Why you should early spay and neuter

According to a study done by The University of Florida, spaying a female can actually protect her against mammary cancer and uterine infections.  In males, neutering reduces the risk of testicular cancer and enlargement of the prostate and related infections.  (my added comment, males get into fights over females and can be hit by cars if chasing females BUT my cats are all kept indoors, so only problem is the cancer, etc.)

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