Past Kittens 2 Past Kittens 2 2 1/2 fold white male, born 8-7-16. $600 as "pet"; has first set of shots. 203063293 Little straight Living with Emma & James in Tucson 198873202 golden sisters 198607812 Rory He is neutered and his DOB is 5/15/13. I was going to use him in my breeding program but now I'm not. 194514164 Male double-fold He's a classic silver tabby; born 3-29-14. He lives with the Yips 193160962 Litter 1-6-10 straight going to become a breeder for Olga, fold going to MN 70275090 Straight male DOB 9-11-13; has first set of shots 187365629 Zelli Lives with Gail & Paul in Scottsdale. 156284817 Straight female DOB 9-11-13; has first set of shots 187365630 Zaket Lives with Gail & Paul in Scottsdale 156284854 Sugar lives with Vicki in AJ DOB 1-18-10 73551039 Litter 1-6-10 Living with Esther & friend in the Valley 70275091 Punkin Lives with Tanya and family and ENJOYING it very much. 78972794 Silver Is going to be a breeder at Olga's 86624001 Snowball Is going to be a breeder at Olga's 86624027 Finnegan Is going to be a stud at Vicki's 86624033 MacKenzie's little Bones MacKenzie's adorable birthday present. His litter was born 8-2012. 168446708 Marion and Indy Lives with the Yee family in the west part of the Valley 171485138 Belle She lives with the Damanhuri family in the west part of the Valley. She is a beautiful white and silver ticked female. 171485177 Living with the Woods family in the Valley. She's a very sweet female. 171854832 Cookie Moved to CA 1/25/12. Her parents are very happy with her and she's busy exploring her new home. 173365575 Cookie More grown up with the Wichaya's in CA. 179544534 Peanut He's living with Jennifer & family in Scottsdale. 185198689 Pusha Lives in Vegas now. Beautiful kitten. 200280822 Boyd Live with Lilian in the Valley....also lives with his new pal, the bear. 203291464 Dion Is Boyd's brother and lives in the Valley with Denise. Beautiful animals. 203299304